The Greater New York Vintage Wireless Association is antique radio, television, and audio organization covering the New York City, Long Island, and lower New York State area.

There are no officers, regular meetings, membership dues, newsletter, museums, or auctions. We are simply a bunch of collectors who have a swap meet on the first Sunday of each month.

The swap meet is held outdoors in the parking lot of a commuter railroad station that is not used and very quiet on Sunday mornings. There is no cost to buy or sell. Whether the temperature is 20 degrees or 90 degrees the meet takes place. The only time no one shows up is when it rains.  Usually there are 15 to 20 cars and about 60 people show up. It starts at sunrise and is usually over by 10:00am. It is bare bones event and everyone always has a lot of fun.

The GNYVWA has been meeting at various places on Long Island, NY since the late 1970s. Originally some collectors got together at a diner or elsewhere just to discuss antique radios. In the early 1980s the swap meets started. It has previously met in the parking lot of businesses as well as the large yard of a member’s house.

Last Updated: May 15, 2023